Marine Sanctuaries on the Great Lakes

Whereas, the lake bottom of the Great Lakes cradles thousands of shipwrecks; and

Whereas, preservation of these shipwrecks is a sacred duty; and

Whereas, the establishment and expansion of the Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary on Lake Huron ensured that more than 200 wrecks will be preserved for time immemorial; and

Whereas, a marine sanctuary to preserve the cultural resources of shipwrecks has been proposed on Lake Michigan off Wisconsin; and

Whereas, commercial freighters … Continue reading →

Full Federal Funding for the State Maritime Academies

Whereas, since 1874, the State Maritime Academies have been educating and training cadets for licensed officer positions in the United States Merchant Marine; and

Whereas, the maritime industry is facing an increasing shortage of licensed merchant mariners; and

Whereas, the State Maritime Academies produce more than two-thirds of all new licensed officers in the United States and are, by far, the largest source of new licensed officers in the country; and

Whereas, graduates … Continue reading →