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Operating Membership Applications

To apply for Operating Membership, please complete the online form below. If you prefer to e-mail your application, you can download the application form in pdf format (Operating Membership) and send to:

Katie Gumeny
Great Lakes Maritime Task Force

Annual dues for Operating Members are $750 and are invoiced in January.

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  • Maritime Interest Group (MIG)

    *GLMTF does not officially have an "Other" MIG. However, if at least three members who do not fall into any of the above membership groups wish to form a new MIG, they may request formation of a new MIG, which then must be approved by the entire membership.
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  • I, on behalf of the above-listed organization, have reviewed Great Lakes Maritime Task Force‚Äôs Policy Statement and Position Papers and declare to be in total agreement with same. I further agree to payment of annual dues of $625.